About Cosmetic Crazed

I started Cosmetic Crazed on Instagram as a product review page in 2014. It existed as a space for me to share my love of pretty things and the cool makeup I was learning to use while in high school.

In college I built my following teaching techniques and showcasing my own work on my Instagram page. My favorite part of beauty is sharing it with other lovers and having fun with the hobby. It's all about positive vibes for me, no drama.

As I've studied the industry more in depth I've become a trusted resource in my community as a beauty industry whisperer. What ingredients are absolute no's? Is this brand ethical to shop from? How does your diet influence your body physically? I talk about it all.

No industry is perfect or free of appropriation and exclusion. And recently, as I have matured I have discovered more parts of the beauty world I don't favor. But I can't give up on my one interest that once literally saved my life.

Cosmetic Crazed is my space to share both my likes and dislikes, call for action and real change, and engage with my community of like-minded thinkers. Together we make up the population of beauty consumers. Real beauty consumers, not paid models hired by default.

My intentions are to release you from the binds of the beauty industry and to leave you feeling free to make your own decisions regarding your personal upkeep. It's time you know everything that goes into your beauty and how you can make small changes that will have a lasting impact for both you and the surrounding world.

My first lesson: take exceptional care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.

The Main Mission

I love beauty, but truthfully, I don't like the way parts of the industry make me feel. I want to glam without worrying about harmful toxins in my products and afterwards dispose of my empties in a way that isn't harmful to global communities. Since its start, the beauty industry has evolved in a linear path and overlooked evolving humanity.


I am done supporting the wealth over wellbeing mentality. This psychological warfare contributes directly to capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. The billion-dollar empire is built entirely by the foundation of non-white cultures and contributes to non-white pockets.


Here, I have created a beauty space that makes me feel good about feeling good. We capture the real, the important, and the transparent while holding industry leaders accountable. This isn't another beauty blog for you.

This is your beauty industry disruptor.




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about me

Hi my name is Amanda Broadus and I am a personal hygiene enthusiast! My beauty career began in high school as a freelance MUA and transitioned into a beauty educator in all things skin and makeup. Now, I channel all of my skills as a beauty journalist tracking industry moves and sharing the real ways you can live your best life moving forward.

I am a 22-year-old Central Michigan University alumni, cat mom of 2 fur babies, and a proud Black woman. My everyday intentions are to leave the world better than I found it and to always make a good lasting impression. That starts here with you! Welcome to my Beauty Hub.